Depending on the time of year, you will fall under one of the treatments below. Each treatment varies and is optimised to work best in the season it is named after

Weed & Feed/Moss Kill

Do you have moss or weeds that you want gone?

We offer five seasonal treatments, tailored and timed to keep your lawn green and healthy, as part of your annual plan or just a one off


In the warm months we focus on keeping your lawn weed free and lush green with these three treatments below

Spring treatment (Weed & Feed)

Summer start treatment (Weed & Feed)

Summer end treatment (Weed & Feed)


As the temperature drops, we focus on keeping moss and lawn disease at bay with these two treatments below. Another positive effect is continued chlorophyll production ensuring a rich green appearance. If you opt for the yearly plan, the winter treatment is optional

Autumn treatment (Moss Kill)

Winter treatment ( Moss Kill)


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