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Aeration & Scarification

Recommend once per year

Have you been doing your own lawn care regime? Maybe it’s too big of a task or possibly you didn’t get the results you were expecting? we have years of experience and high quality machinery that is more than capable of taking on the toughest of lawns. Why not give us a try?

A more rigorous approach to lawn care. These treatments further enhance the effects of our basic treatments, these are to be performed once a year


Scarification will remove moss & thatch. Thatch is naturally occuring and consists of dead organic matter. Over time, this layer of thatch will worsen and restrict the amount of air, water and nutrients available to the roots. Scarification waste will be put in your brown bin or bagged and left on your premises 

Hollow tine aeration

Over time, your lawns soil will compact and restrict the flow of air, water and nutrients to the grass roots. By removing hundreds of cores we allow the rootzone to expand into the space created. Your lawns health and appearance will improve. It is always recommended to carry out this treatment alongside your first basic treatment. Cores are left on the lawn to break down, if you opt for scarification at the same time as aeration then the cores will be cleared during the process


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